TV Chef / Presenter, Multi Award Winner Culinary Innovator, Food Archaeologist, Author, Food and Travel writer, International judge, host and culinary consultant. 

         Alan Coxon"The Food Archaeologist" tm)

Awarded "The Maitrise Escoffier"  

Awarded the ACF "Palmes Culinaire"

Winner of the iTQi "Superior Taste Award"(Brussels)

Winner of 2 Golden Stars iTQi  Award"(Brussels)
Winner of the Anuga Taste Innovation award (Germany)
Winner of the coveted "Winner of Winners" Gold Excellence in food and drink Award (UK)

Winner of the MBA "Entrepreneur of the year"  Award
Winner of the Innovative Product of the Year Award (UK)
Winner of the "Best potato recipe of the world" (Peru)
Winner of the "Midlands Innovation of the Year Award (uk) 
Finalist of the ACF "Development chef of the year award (UK)
Finalist for Midlands Exporter of the year 2011 & 2012
Winner of 5 International gold awards for Fat sculpture

 of the iTQi Food Awards (Brussels) 2010,2011,2012 2013, 2014 ,2015 and 2016 
Judge of the "Tsingtao Legacy of Taste" Best Chinese Restaurant of the Year Awards" 2010 & 2011,host 2014 and judge 2015.
Judge of the "British Guild of Food Writers Book Awards" 2012

Dragon for the British Ecotrophilia Awards 2014 and 2015

British Ambassador for Food, Drink and Tourism

Food is Great

Creator of the Unique, multi award winning, mediaeval 15th century old English “Ale-Gar © .The original British Balsamic.

"The most unique ingredient to be created this century". 

Ale Gar

                   Brief introduction to Alan Coxon

*world-renowned chef and TV presenter with over 1,250 TV shows and global appearences to his name.

*Author of 6 cookbooks to date.

*A "Food archaeologist". 

*An international judge. 

*The creator of a unique multi award winning food range. 

*A food and travel writer for three national ,regional and international magazines .

*A tv producer and director of a variety of TV shows.

*A British Ambassador cooking around the world for leading figures.

*A host for cookery demonstrations and Award ceremonies around the world. 

*A culinary consultant with over 30 years experience in hotels , restaurants , educational training and private catering .

*A Multi award winner.

Alan supports the "GREAT" campaign for British food and Drink companies working with the UKTI, Embassises and British Council in countries such as India, Bulgaria and Mexico to help raise awareness and increase opportunities for food and drink companies .


Alan has dazzled the world over with his scintillating dishes and fun interactive cooking style. He has a natural passion for culinary history that helps to bring his TV and cookery demonstrations alive, revealing historic originations and fascinating facts of our everyday ingredients.

Ranked amongst the Top 10 TV Chefs of the world by BBC world viewers, Alan has starred in TV shows across the globe, cooked for kings, Queens and celebrities and is an inspiration in countless kitchens with his own range of award winning historic ingredients and cookbooks.
The combination of his in-depth culinary knowledge combined with his infectious passion for sharing have culminated in Alan being described as the  "Stephen Fry" of the food world whilst his historic range that has now won 6 gold superior taste and Innovation awards on the global market has been hailed as some of the most exciting culinary products to hit the shelves in modern times.


Alan`s  second  Book on Indian food and travel entitled "From Birmingham to Bombay" has recently won the Best British food and travel cookbook and is now shortlisted for the "World Gourmand Book Award" 2016 .

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Cookery Demonstrations
Corporate Cookery shows and events

Product and marketing consultancy
Restaurant and hotel Consultancy work
Recipe development work

Culinary training and motivational coaching

Media presentation coaching

TV presenting
Voice over work
Radio Broadcasting / presenting
Food and travel writing, features and articles
Chef/ Private dinner Parties / outside catering functions
Culinary competition Judging
After dinner speaking / hosting
TV Production, producer and conceptual development.

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