The speaker

Speech on “The challenges faced within the hospitality sector ” Dela World Leaders Business Club, India”.

“ Leadership” speech. Delivered to  “head teachers” motivational congress across the UK .

Weekly one hour zoom talks for “Majestic care home” for the elderly residence in Evesham” ,

Speaker at the iTi awards Shanghai 2019.
Delivering a speech to Chinese Food producers on the organoleptic and gustatory assessment procedures of the International Taste Institute of Brussels.

Speaker and team building event facilitator : Portugal 2019.
Alan delivered an event for a private Swiss/German pharmaceutical company that involved delivering a speech as well as a three hour team building exercise with 180  Dr`s, Scientists, and pharmaceutical professionals.

MC / Host and speaker for the International Taste Institute Brussels 2017, 2018 and 2019.
For several years Alan has been the Master of ceremonies for this prestigious event held at Le “Theatre du Roi” Brussels, as well as a speaker delivering the organoleptic and gustatory assessment procedures to 550 food producers from around the world.

TEDx Monte Carlo: Alan’s TED speech incorporated “Food Archaeology” and “the sexology of Taste”.

Key note Speaker of the Creative Chefs Summit Kiev Ukraine: Delivered a speech on the Sexology of Taste to 800 chefs from across the Baltic regions.

Speaker at the Serbian Food show, Belgrade: Delivered a speech to food producers looking to enter the global markets: How to produce an award winning product and prepare to enter global markets  

Chef Representative Spokesperson for of the ITQi judges, Brussels: Consultant and judge for the iTQi and iTi awards 2008 -2019 working alongside 100 leading International chefs.

Speaker at the Taiwan awards ceremony: Taiwan Delivering a speech to Taiwanese Food producers on the organoleptic and gustatory assessment procedures of the International Taste Institute of Brussels.

Speaker “Food Matters Live” London: Delivered a speech on “Food Archaeology” , “going back to go forward!”

Speaker of the Moldexpo food and wine Moldova 2018 & 2019: Delivered a three hour masterclass and speech to both chefs and general public.

Speech delivered to Professors and lecturers at the University of Science and Technology Kaunas Lithuania: Sexology of Taste and food archaeology  

MC of the Midlands Business awards Birmingham UK: Celebrating cross sector business success in the Midlands UK.

MC of the “Tsingtao Legacy of Taste” awards (London): Judge and MC for the British Chinese restaurant awards.

MC of the Disciples of Escoffier annual dinner (London) 2018, 2019: MC and speaker for the annual dinner and inauguration ceremony as well as charity raffle

Moderator for the “World Chefs Summit” Monte Carlo 2016-2019: Alan delivers both a speech as well as moderates the summit at this prestigious annual summit that attracts leading chefs from around the world.


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