Culinary consultant and advisor

Alan`s global experience as a chef spans more than 40 years from Michelin star restaurants to 5 star hotels and everything in between.

A chef that understands and implements culinary diplomacy at all times, a chef that has cooked for Royalty, thousands of Celebrities and diplomats and where not only high levels of culinary competence is of paramount importance, trust and discretion also play a vital  part of the role.

Alan has amassed International knowledge, skills and experience gained over many years that he now uses to help others  mapping out a course of action to expand food businesses, food producers, restaurants , hotels and diverse catering operations to attain their own goals and successes in a cost effective, professional and efficient manner. 

Businesses small or large can benefit from Alan`s many years of experience and learning curves, steering away from potential mistakes, save heartache and  thousands of pounds  in the process. 

His global contacts are second to non, his efficiency, skill and  first-hand knowledge are unchallengeable whilst his “all-round” flexibility and diversity of experiences allows him to see the full picture!. 

In addition to all the above and possibly more importantly he has a great sense of humour !.   

The following list of activities cover products for market as well as hospitality and media sectors:

Food and beverage product consultancy for HoReCa and domestic retail:

  • Product development 
  • Concept development
  • Recipe development
  • Global chef introductions, contacts and connections (entering or expanding within both HoReCa and Retail market sectors) 
  • Taste evaluations ( Recommendations, product adjustments or improvements)
  • Accompaniments, serving suggestions
  • Brand / product endorsements
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Product recipe shots for social media
  • Promotional video
  • Commercial / TV and social media advert presentations
  • Representations at trade and consumer shows
  • Incorporation of brand/product on clothing
  • Use of product within demonstrations and masterclasses.  

Restaurants, Hotels , Catering operations consultancy

  • Menu and recipe development
  • Concept development
  • Operations Exec Chef consultancy
  • Guest chef (events and promotional activities)
  • Restaurant and hotel pre-openings
  • Project development for all Catering operations large and small  
  • Staff recruitment ( chefs, front of house, sommeliers) 
  • Staff training and motivation
  • Kitchen planning / Kitchen refurbishment / reorganisation projects
  • Equipment planning and chef events 
  • Cookery school / icebreaker client events


  • Corporate team building events
  • Masterclasses
  • Cookery demo`s
  • Seminars 
  • Motivational speeches
  • Hosting Award ceremonies  
  • Private dinning events
  • Food and cookery school experiences 
  • Outside catering
  • Company representation and presentations
  • Dish/recipe photography for social media marketing
  • Promotional video
  • Commercial / TV and social media advert presentations

Product development : Created, developed and launched his own range of produce for International HoReCa and high end domestic retail outlets. Alan`s range attained 5 Gold International Innovation awards, winner of winner awards and International Taste awards. Additionally won  “MBA Business and entrepreneur of the year awards” . 

Hotel openings : Alan has done many pre openings that include the largest hotel in Europe ( Paris France ) consisting of 1,098 rooms ( approx 3,000 in house guests). Alan was  responsible for pre-opening recipe development, interviewing and employment of his brigade of 68 International chefs, pre-opening event consisting of 10,000 celebrities, Food ordering and store management, maintaining and running 3 restaurants and 4 banqueting suites as well as room service. As in all active roles of responsibility he was also responsible for chefs rota`s, health and hygiene, safety standards, food standards, quality control, financial operational budgets ( approx. £2 Million per week) and he was also part of the fire safety management team.

Restaurant openings: Taste of Magic restaurant: as Chef/Patron of a 45 seater restaurant based in the Isle of Man, working to Michelin standard. Alan operated a very small brigade with all produce created in house. Menu planning , interior design, health hygiene, safety operations, food standards, food costs, wine lists, menu pairings, all operational activities.  

Kitchen refurbishment /development projects : Alan designed, planned and implemented a large kitchen and servery refurbishment project for a well know food producer and visitors centre in Scotland.

Faced with the challenges of limited space for large volume turnover, Alan redesigned the entire flow and floor space in order to increase servery offerings and extend the flow and speed of flow. The results saw sales and profits double with immediate effect.

Importantly the aesthetics improved customer experiences, improved products offered, improved efficiency and staff moral improved the brand , brand awareness and consumer perceptions.

Products to market: to date Alan has  assisted with the launch, growth, expansion and brand awareness of :

  • 2 caviar companies (German and Ukrainian), introducing them to selective chef contacts around the world , attending and supporting trade shows, recipe development , use of product for shows, demonstrations, dinner events and photo images for social media
  • An  Anchovy company from Spain (spokesperson, use of product within events and introduction to top end retail market sectors and selected chefs)
  • A Russian cod roe firm (recipe development with accompanying images for recipe cards and booklets in 6 different languages)
  • An Italian Olive oil company  introducing them to chef contacts around the world, use within cookery demo`s, masterclasses and top end retail outlets
  • A Japanese company based in UK ( sponsors of Alan`s chefs jackets), used in all official engagements. Maximising company branding and association on a global platform
  • others include a salt company used for demo`s and masterclasses.

Recruitment : Alan was the MD and creator of “Coxon`s Culinary Recruitment”. Alan developed a small team to connect the right candidate with the right business, obtaining many chefs from around the world . 

Owing to  Alan`s full understanding of the industry as well as the capabilities and backgrounds of the chefs he was able to ensure an appropriate fit and connectivity to the potential business needs, demands  and required standards.

Team Building : A variety of highly successful team building events developed and carried out in countries such as in UK and Portugal for car manufacturers, and a Swiss medical firm to name but two.   

Cookery demonstrations and masterclasses : UK , France , Ukraine, South Africa, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey , India , Mexico, Jamaica, Lithuania, Latvia etc ...  

Speeches, Hosting, Moderator activities : Please visit Alan`s “Speaker page” 

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