Awards accolades, professional memberships and endorsements:

  • President of the “International Taste Institute” chefs jury (Brussels)
  • European Ambassador for the Disciples of Escoffier International
  • President and founder of CSF (Chefs Sans Frontieres) charity organisation
  • Honorary member of the Swiss Chef Association
  • Awarded Gold Medal for lifetime contribution to the world of gastronomy
  • Awarded Maitrise Escoffier by the Association Culinaire Francaise
  • Awarded Palmes Culinaire
  • Awarded Disciple of Escoffier
  • Honorary member of World association of Master Chefs
  • Ambassador for the Organisation Mondial de la Gastronomie
  • British Ambassador for Food and Drink
  • Awarded Ambassador of Taste for Global Gastronomy
  • Honorary "Fellow" of the Al Khalifa Bussiness School

  • Member of the British Royal Academy of Culinary Arts
  • Member of the Disciple of Escoffier Swiss branch
  • Member of British Guild of Food Writers
  • Member of the International Travel Writers Alliance
  • Member of the World Gourmet Society
  • Author of 5 food and travel cookbooks ( 2 of which have been rated “Best Cookbooks of the world”)
  • Voted top 10 favourite TV Chef /Presenter in a BBC Worldwide poll

  • Winner of the coveted Gold Award: Excellence in food and drink Caterer and hotelkeeper Award (UK)
  • Winner of the Cater and Hotelkeeper Innovative product of the year award (UK)
  • Winner of the Midlands Business “Entrepreneur of the year award”
  • Winner of the iTQi Superior Taste Award (Brussels) for globally unique products “Ale-gar”
  • Winner of the Anuga Taste Innovation award (Germany)
  • Winner of the “Best Potato recipe of the world” (Peru)
  • Winner of the Midlands Innovation award of the year (UK)
  • Finalist for the Development chef of the year award (UK)
  • Winner of 5 International gold awards for Fat sculpture at salon culinaires across Europe

In May 2020 Alan accepted the position of "President of the Chefs Jury" for the "International Taste Institute" of Brussels .

The role enables Alan to offer guidance on new jury member selection , supporting missions and assist with the ongoing development of the iTi and its continuing growth and standards.

For many years Alan has been a proud member of the chef jury and the first British chef to have joined the incredible line up of European culinary talent. Chefs that have accumulated 100`s of Michelin stars between them, chefs from establishments such as that of the Elysee Palace for the President of France, the Ritz Hotel Paris, Patisserie Le Notre to name but three, ... Chef representatives and Presidents of every International Culinary Academy and Association from across Europe .

Every year 100 such chefs that formulate the iTi chef jury sit in total isolation to assess the gustatory and olorific elements of food products submitted by producers large and small from around the world.

Alan is now honoured to become the President of this celebrious jury.

President and founder of CSF  ( Chefs Sans Frontieres) charity organisation 

 Alan  is President and founder of a global charity named “CSF” ( Chefs Sans Frontieres) created to help support small artisan food producers that lose livelihoods due to natural disasters.

The project was stimulated by the tragic fires in Greece in summer 2021 where small artisan food producers lost livelihoods. 

With no help or insurance many were left homeless and jobless, years of culinary traditions lost overnight.

CSF aims to support such producers in times of hardship, help get them back into production, maintain a countries regional and cultural heritage , preserve ingredients that offer a point of difference, support local economies, and traditional gastronomy that incorporates traditional skills.

Small producers are the beating hearts of a nation and CSF aims to support them for future generations to come. Please visit for further information.

UK Ambassador for the “Organisation Mondial de la Gastronomie”: In 2019 Alan became the first British Chef to have received this invite and a role that allows him the opportunity to share details of culinary talent, food related activities, events and produce from across the mediums in which he works. The goal of the OMG is to bring together regional, local and international gastronomy pool skills and promote the artistic and technological dimension of culinary practices. There are around 5000 members around the world with 200 communities internationly

Awarded an honorary member of the “World Association of Masterchefs”: Alan was awarded an honorary member of the “World Association of Master chefs" whilst delivering a masterclass cookery demonstration in Moldova.

Honorary Patron of Unichef : In June 2019 Alan was invited to become the Patron of the charity organisation Unichef , helping to raise awareness and support chefs with a variety of challenges within the hospitality and catering industry and helping to make a difference to the lives and working environments.

International Ambassador and moderator for the “Chefs World Summit Monte Carlo”:
Alan has been delivering speeches and Moderating sessions at the World Chefs Summit Monte Carlo from the outset. Owing to his knowledge, experience and ability to deliver in both English and French languages, to date he is the only British Chef to have been invited to participate in this way. In addition to this he has also creates and producers canapés for the “100 Best Chefs of the World” announcement for Le Chef Magazine.  

Judge for the World Gourmet Society “Best Plate” video competition. As a chef with a wealth of experience within  TV production, presentations and media, Alan was invited to join the distinguished panel of judges to judge this years "World Gourmet Society" "Best Plate Award 2019" Video competition. Last year 58 short 3 min videos were entered from 17 countries that jointly obtained more than 400,000 views from around the world.

It is an immense pleasure to announce that I have been awarded and honoured with "Ambassador of Taste for Global Gastronomy 2021" as well as being awarded a Gold Medal for Lifetime contribution to the world of gastronomy by the  “Greek Taste without Borders Organisation” who stated that "Mr. Alan Coxon has worked to create a sustainable culinary world amongst different civilizations keeping up with historical recourses.

The global guide of Ambassadors of Taste® features a modern organization that modifies the world concept on gastronomic development and sustains the idea of a united global gastronomy with gratitude to the heritage and local tradition of all nations individually. 

Furthermore core values as environmental sustainability and humanitarian aid are reflected on its philosophy".


Sir David Lelliott OBE (British Deputy High Commissioner India).

“Alan Coxon made a major contribution to the success of the GREAT Britain campaign with his wealth of knowledge of global cuisine .I was impressed by his willingness to work and assist me on projects and events above and beyond his requirements after a very busy few days cooking some very impressive lunches and delivering incredibly entertaining cookery demonstrations, as well as his extensive travel, helping to boost the UK brand and impressing the organisers of the event. I very much hope that I will have the opportunity to work with Alan again in India or elsewhere in the world)”. 

Jonathon Allen (former British Ambassador to Bulgaria). 

“Alan is a real professional with great experience, he is knowledgeable and friendly. Under trying circumstances he managed to incorporate a great sense of humour in his culinary demonstrations and drew upon an impressive range of facts and information to entertain his audience. Alan also prepared two excellent lunches at the Embassy for food critics and lifestyle journalists leaving them all truly impressed, with all of them wishing to interview him for their titles. He also delivered a lunch for food producers, distributers and high profile guests that left everyone totally impressed. Alan was a pleasure to work with and I would certainly work with him again”. 

Sandra Kundrote, Executive Director British Chamber of Commerce Lithuania 

“The British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania was pleased to host Alan Coxon at 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner in Vilnius, which was attended over 100 distinguished guests. 

Alan created a special 20th Anniversary 4 course meal of which was an absolute master piece! 

Each of the courses were presented on stage by Alan himself with a good dose of British humour and with carefully selected music to accompany each course, all of which added a very special flavour to the whole event. Strongly recommended!’.

Eric de Spoelberch, Managing Director of the International Taste and Quality Institute Brussels 

“Alan Coxon was kind enough to help us on various occasions as speaker or master of ceremony for large events in various geographies … and we hope he will continue doing so in the future. He has this fabulous ability to connect with the audience; when he steps on the stage after the previous speaker and starts talking, we usually hear the noise level in the audience going down as audience attention goes up. Somehow, he manages this rare combination of interesting, in-depth, content and of engaging, powerful, delivery.
His considerable professional experience on the stage has also helped us improve the implementation of complex award ceremonies”.

Yvonne Ackrill TV Producer/Director

“It's always a pleasure to work with Alan and I've worked with him on numerous occasions on both Good Food Life and on Overseas Property TV. His extensive knowledge and in-depth research shines through in all he does. He obviously loves his subject and this is exemplified in all his culinary creations which really do "delight the palate". I would thoroughly recommend him as he is presentable, knowledgeable and adaptable to all types of presentations”.

Michael Connock TV Producer:

“As a producer of TV food programmes I have worked with Alan many times over the last 12 years. As a presenter he is professional, adept at reading autocue, with a relaxed and likeable on screen presence. His encyclopaedic knowledge of food history is a producer's dream with the extra layers of editorial content it can add to a show. As a chef Alan's recipes are accessible and delicious (the Boiled Beef in Ale and Treacle he cooked on one of my shows is still a favourite) and he can cook any recipe to time be it 4 or 5, 6 or 7 minutes. The range of food he can produce for specific themes or styles is demonstrated in his numerous books or any of the TV show websites he has contributed to. I hope we work together again soon”.

Christian de Bauw Founder of the iTQi Brussels:

“Alan is a real professional taster, one of the selected Chefs of our iTQi jury. We have always appreciated its expertise in evaluating the food products submitted. His judgement and comments are highly valued by our clients from around the world. Moreover, he is a fantastic guy to work with”.

Elaine Bancroft, Executive Producer, Factual, and Features TV.

“Alan is a charming and professional television chef/presenter who’s extremely popular with both the production team and the viewers. He's very knowledgeable, but wears this knowledge lightly, loves to educate, and his food is always wonderful”.

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