Alanís Jerke Burger

Preparation Time: 15 mins approx
Notes: This recipe was taken from my “Ready in Minutes” © cookbook. Alan coxon recipe copyright ©

600g Minced Lean Pork (must have low fat content) 
85g Fresh breadcrumbs 

8 Spring onions 

3 Cloves of garlic (crushed) 

2 Thai / Birds eye chilli 

1 tsp Ground cinnamon 

2 tsp Ground all spice Salt / pepper 

3 tblsp Olive oil 

50g Smoked dry cured bacon (finely minced) 

1 tblsp Fresh rosemary 

4 Ciabatta burger rolls, mustard crème fraiche and tomato relish

1. Mix all the ingredients together with the exception of the olive oil and shape into burgers 
2. Brush the burgers with olive oil and season lightly with olive oil 

3. Pre-heat a pan on the hob or charcoal grills for a barbeque and cook for approx 12 minutes (depending on the strength of the heat), when ready place on to a burger roll, top with rocket and dollop with mustard crème fraiche and tomato relish.
Serves: 4
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