Sweet and Sour Rice

Preparation Time: 5 mins
Notes: Important to remember  to wash the rice before cooking and to ensure that you do not  stir whilst the rice is cooking other wise the stiring action causing the rice to rub together releasing the natural rice starches, this in turn will cause the cooking liquid to go gloopy and the rice to become sticky.

This is good served both hot or cold as a salad.

 450 g  Jasmine rice
750ml  (3 cups)  cold water or chicken or vegetable stock
100ml  natural yoghurt
50g butter1 tblsp clear honeyjuice and zest of one limesalt and pepper

]  Rinse the rice thoroughly to remove any starch around the rice 
2]  Place the butter into a heavy based saucepan and add the rice and stir thoroughly, add the water or stock and stir once only 
3]  Bring to the boil un covered, over medium heat
 4]  Reduce the heat to simmer and cook for 12 mins but do not stir the rice at any point ! 
5]  When ready all the water should have been absorbed and evaporated, remove from heat and  cover with a lid to rest for a couple of mins, just before serving, add all the remaining ingredients and stir well  ….your sweet and sour fragrant rice is now ready to serveThis can be served both  hot or cold  
Serves: 4
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