Blackberry soufle

Preparation Time: 10 min


For the Blackberry puree

200 ml Fresh blackberries
60 grm castor sugar
1 tsp Corn flour 

For the soufflés

250g Fresh Blackberries3 tbsp Blackberry Puree,
1 egg yolk,
6 egg whites,
60g caster sugar, plus extra for dredging
icing sugar, toA pinch of Halen Mon Vanilla salt + Traditional firm Vanilla ice cream.

To make the blackberry Puree 

1.    Make the black puree by placing the blackberries , sugar and cornflour  into a blender and blitz until smooth .

2.       Pass through a sieve to remove any seeds and keep aside.

. To make the soufflés; 
 preheat the oven to 200C.

 Butter 6 oven proof coffee cups thoroughly; dredge them with caster sugar and put in the fridge.

 Crush a third of the blackberries with a fork.

.  In a clean bowl Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of Halen Mon vanilla salt until they form soft peaks , add the caster sugar and whisk again for a few seconds until slightly opaque and meringue like.

. Fold one third of this into the blackberry puree mixture, to slacken it and then fold in the rest gently so as not to lose the air.

Mix 3 tablespoons of blackberry puree with the crushed blackberries and place into the base of the cups and top with a dollop of Ice cream.
Fill the chilled cups to the brim with the soufflé mixture,  smooth the tops and run your thumb around each, just inside the rim (this helps rising). 

Cook the soufflés in the pre-heated oven at 200 dg for approx 8 mins  or until well risen.

. Sift a little icing sugar over the top or cover with a little more puree  and serve immediately.
Serves: 6
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