North West Province Citrus Iced Brulee with Sunflower

Preparation Time:

Ingredients for the Brulee

3 lemons juice and zest
4 fresh free-range egg yolks
150g (6oz) castor sugar
570ml (1pt) single cream
150ml (1/4pt) thick double cream

Ingredients for the Cracknel

100g (4oz) sunflower seeds toasted and lightly crushed
250g (8oz) castor sugar
75ml (3 fl oz) water
1/2tsp crushed cardamom seeds

Method for Brulee

1. In a clean bowl whisk the egg yolks, sugar and lemon zest until thick and creamy and almost white in colour

2. Heat the single cream until simmering

3. Gradually little by little add to the egg yolks and whisk thoroughly

4. Return the mixture and heat carefully and gently until the mix begins to thicken

5. Add the lemon juice, stir well and cool rapidly

6. When cool, whisk the double cream and fold into the cooled lemon mixture

7. Pour into freezer proof ramekins and freeze for 4-6 hours

8. When ready make the sunflower cracknel

Method for Cracknel

1. In a heavy based pan slowly dissolve the sugar in the water

2. Once dissolved, increase the heat until bubbling (do not stir), cook the sugar until golden brown

3. When the colour has been obtained, add the sunflower seeds and the cardamom seeds, scattering them evenly in the bubbling pan

4. Remove from heat, stir gently and spoon a little cracknel over the top of the Iced lemon Brulees

5. Leave to set and serve on a dark plate decorated with icing sugar pattern and lemon.
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