Green tomato chutney

Preparation Time: 30 mins approx
Notes: You may wish to keep wndows open when making this although it does smell delicious and the neighbours will be enjoying the comforting aromas !
The Ancient Greek and Roman Vinaigres are available via 

If you have Roman or Greek vinegar then this will make it a very special chutney.

This recipe makes approx 6 -7 lb ( 2.7 – 3.2 KG).


4 LB ( 1.8 kg) Green Tomatoes ( washed and chopped)

1 ½ lb ( 700g) shallots or onions ( peeled and chopped)

1lb ( 450g) cooking apples ( peeled cored and chopped)

1pt ( 600  ml) Roman or Ancient Greek Vinaigre

8 red chillies 1 oz 

(25g) rot ginger ( peeled and grated )

8oz ( 225g ) seedless raisins or dates (chopped)

2 tsp salt

1lb ( 450g) brown sugar 



Place the chopped tomatoes, onions,  apples and half the vinaigre into a heavy based pan and bring to the boil, then reduce heat to a simmer, cooking the tomatoes gently for approx 25 mins or until all the ingredients are tender.  

Add the rasisins or chopped dates to the pan.

Place the chillies and root ginger into a little muslin bag and tie before hitting with a rolling pin to bruise the chillies. 

Place the bag into the pan with all the other ingredients, Simmer all the ingredients gently for approx 45 mins until the mixture thickens. 

Now add the salt, sugar and the remaining vinegar and stir well until all the sugar has dissolved Continue to cook until thick ( approx 20 mins ) pressing  the bag of chillies every so often with a wooden spoon to squash and release the flavour.

When the mixture has thickened, remove the bag of spices and pot the chutney into steralised jars, seal immediately and store for approx 6 weeks to allow it to mature ! 


Serves: approx 6-7lb
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