Home Charcoal Smoked Natal Trou

Preparation Time:
Notes: As Cooked with King Goodwill Zwellethini

4 x fresh trout fillets
Salt/ Black Pepper
Juice of 1 lemon
5ml/1tsp smoked paprika
15ml/1tblsp oil
3-4 good size pieces of charcoal

1. Heat up the charcoal until very hot

2. Sprinkle lemon juice over the fish and season well with paprika, salt and pepper

3. When the charcoal is ready place it into a Pyrex bowl

4. Place the fish neatly onto a piece of foil, folding the tail part underneath

5. Rapidly drizzle the oil over the hot charcoal and stand the foil with the fish on the top

6. Cover the Pyrex bowl immediately with tight fitting plate

7. The charcoal will smoke heavily and produce a wonderful smoked flavour on the fish

8. Leave the fish for approx 2mins, until the smoke settles, then remove carefully

9. Place immediately into a pan and cook this can be also cooked on a braai

10. Cook only for 1 - 2mins on each side retaining a slight pinkness to the fish.
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