Pork Vindaloo

Preparation Time: 15 mins approx
Notes: This recipe was taken from my new TV series  “From Birmingham to Bombay”  © Image by Moe Kafer www.moekafer.com

Roman vinaigre is available from Available from http://foodbyalancoxon.com/

750g pork cut into cubes 
 For the paste: 15 – 20 dred chillies soaked in water 

1 tsp cumin seeds 

1  cinnamon sticks 

1 inch long 6-8cloves 

10 black peppercorns

¼ star anise 

1 tsp poppy seeds Garlic cloves

6 Piece of ginger 2 inch long 

1 tablsp tamarind pulp extract

4tsp  vinegar

1/3 cup of Macadamia nut oil 

Curry leaves 5 -7 

Salt to taste


Prepare the marinade by grinding all the spices with the vinegar to get a smooth paste.
Rub the pork with a little of this spice paste and keep aside for 1 hour Heat the oil in a  pan and stir fry the onions for about 15 minutes. Add the remaining spice paste and stir fry for another 5 mnutes stirring continuously and add 1 – 1/2/ tablsp water to prevent burning  

Add the pork over fhigh heat and cook,stirring continuously 

Add all the remaining ingredients , mix well ,bring to the simmer, cover and cook gently for  approx 25 mins or until the pork is tender.       
Serves: 6
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