Dessert Omelette with Cherry Casserole

Preparation Time: 10 - 15 mins

For the Omelette
Serves 4 

5 Egg yolks [large fresh freerange/organic]
zest of ½ lemon [grated]
5 egg whites [large]
100g caster sugar
80g flour [sieved]
60 g butter [melted]
30g butter [frying]

For the Cherry Casserole

 This recipe uses Tinned/canned or fresh cherries 

1 tsp butter
250g caster sugar
juice and zest of one lemon
75ml Pernod, Rickard or Pastis
I stick of cinnamon
450g stoned cherries [fresh or tinned]
juice of one orange
175ml red wine [ light and fruity]
1 tsp cornflour or Arrowroot [diluted with a little red wine 


1/.In a clean bowl whisk the egg whites and add the sugar slowly as if making meringue  until smooth firm peaks have been achieved.

2/ gently add the yolks, zest and flour  folding into the egg white 
finaly pour in the melted butter

To cook, heat the butter in a heavy based omelette/non stick frying pan

2/ Add a little of the omelette mix a spread lightly to fill the base of the pan and cook gently over medium heat.
Place into a pre-heated oven to finsh or alternativly turn over the omelette in the pan. 

Cherry Casserole


1]  slowly melt the butter and sugar until the red wine, orange and lemon juice,,,stirring until all the sugar is dissolved 
2]  Bring the liquid to the rapid boil, then add the cherries, zest and cinnamon 
3]  Cook the cherries for 3 – 4 mins in the juice 
4]  add the dissolved cornflour/arrowroot and stirring continuously and bring back to the rolling boil and until the sauce has thickened.  To serve, place the omelette onto a serving plate and divide into the number of portions required.Pour over the cherry sauce……….and a little fresh double cream if required.  
Serves: 4
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