Ready in Minutes

There are few activities or interests that have changed and developed so dramatically over the past few decades as that of the food industry. The ever increasing awareness and intrigue over new ingredients, culinary trends and fashions, flavours, textures, temperatures, blends and marriages keep millions entertained and nourished around the world. In an increasingly inter-related world, we are limited only by our culinary imaginations.

We all want to eat healthy, fresh foods and today we are keener than ever to focus on diet, balance, vitamins, GM-free and organic foods, to name but a few. In addition to all this, the demands of a hectic business and social life can result in less time being spent in the kitchen trying to attain these goals. So, with this in mind, I have put together a book that is slightly different to many that we find on offer.

I have moved away from the usual format of starters, fish, meat and dessert, and instead offer a collection of mouthwatering recipes based on the time it takes to cook them The recipes reflect fresh and fragrant Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Javanese and Burmese influences to stimulate the palate. Indian
influences also shine through for the lovers of curry spices, while Spanish, French, British and Italian recipes look after the European contribution. North Africa and Mexico also have a look in.

Covering every meal of the day, and for all occasions, Ready in Minutes is geared around the cooking time that we may or may not have. Stylish, clear and instructive, with some fascinating insights into ingredients and their history, Ready In Minutes is quite simply the perfect companion in the Kitchen.

So, I hope you find time for Ready in Minutes and will be inspired to create your own world of flavours, all in your own good time!

Alan Coxon

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