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News Article for the historic vinegars - 12/08/10
Article written by Chrissie Walker "Mostly Food Journal "
Launch of a new e-book - 08/07/10
Delighted to announce the launch of a new e-book aimed at the singles seperated and divorced.Stunning healthy and tasty recipes for one !
New live web radio food show goes global . - 07/07/10
As from July  7th 2010 I will be launching a new global radio show via the internet , an opportunity to talk about every aspect of food, glorious food !  

To listen live go to the following website: 

Click on the Live button (first one on horizontal box).  This takes you into Windows Media where will be able hear the show live.
Why not call in or drop me a line with any queries you may have
New Radio Show via the internet - 01/07/10
July sees the start of my new radio chat show via the internet.
1 hour of non stop food and beverage chatter ! , topical and seasonal, with a sprinkling of guest foodie interviews 
I will be exposing to the world , the finest food and ingredients that Britain has to offer !
link to the iTQi awards ceremony - 02/06/10
iTQi awards ceromony, pics
iTQi Awards speech - 22/05/10
It is with pleasure and an honour to be invited to deliver a speech on Thursday 27th May in Brussels , to address the winners of the iTQi awards 2010 .
The speech will incorporate the judging process of these prestigious awards
Ale-Gar wins an iTQi Award - 29/04/10
The International Taste & Quality - iTQi - award results have been announced and I am delighted that my Mediaeval 15th century Old English Ale-Gar has won a "Superior Taste Award"
The iTQi awards are judged by 60 leading culinary luminaries, ranging from Maîtres Cuisiniers de France , Michelin star Chefs , Presidents of Europe’s leading culinary bodies to Meilleur Ouvrier de France.
All the products are blind tasted and independent under strict and rigorous guidelines and procedures.
"It is with immense delight and pleasure that this unique tasting product has been granted an award solely and completely on the merits of its quality
iTQi Awards - 27/04/10
Chef Alan Coxon has joined the line up of international culinary stars ,as a member of the iTQi ( international taste and Quality institute ) judging panel. The panel consists of 60 major names from the culinary world holding a galaxy of Michelin stars between them  , all joined together to taste an array of ingredients from around the world for  the iTQi awards. The 3 day tasting and judging event was held in Brussels and each food product was judged with strict and rigorous procedures taking a mix of hedonic and analytical approaches ,where all the senses are used to select the very best the world has to offer. Alan is delighted to be associated and apart of the judges  and  was the only English / British chef representing the UK . Other chefs present include the executive chef of the “Ritz hotel in Paris “, the exec chef of the “Jules Vern” restaurant at the “Eiffel Tower”  Paris , the Greek culinary Olympic team leader ,the presidents of the Italian, Belge, German  and Swiss chefs associations, Several Maielleur Ouvriers de France , Arets Kock of Sweden to name but a few, formed the incredible  line up. Alan also took the opportunity to submit his own product consisting of the unique Mediaeval Old English “Ale-Gar” ( of which of course  he did not judge !!) becoming both the judge and the judged !Alan is still unaware of who tasted and judged his Ale-Gar within the group due to the strict tasting and testing procedures ,and is nervously awaiting the results and comments from his peers. Alan stated that  “  it is certainly a great deal less stressful being a judge rather than being judged ! and I can easily sympathise and appreciate the pressure and stress that any company or individual submitting a product is going through .I am looking forward to the results and naturally would like to be amongst the elite that receives a potential one, two or three star award .In the meantime I can only state that as a judge, the products I sampled and blind tasted ( 40 items per day ) were extremely diverse and ranged from a lemon scented cod liver oil ( surprisingly good ) to a less desirable soup !”.The experience of participating as a judge is certainly an honour and a privilege “ . Alan also had the pleasure of appearing and being interviewed on a variety of  French and Belgium TV channels and whilst Alan has a host of TV shows to his credit including BBC2 Ever Wondered about Food, Coxon`s Royal Feast, Coxon`s Sporting Feast and regular guest Chef presenter on UKTV Food to name but a few, this was the first time he had done TV in French!. 
cookery for schools - 19/03/10
I am currently helping a regional school with creating greater interest and awareness of cooking food and ingredients.
The kids are very enthusiastic and positive, sadly it is the lack of finances that we need to get over in order to make cooking healthy fresh food accessable to all whilst supporting the positive growth of our next generation .
The school is developing a cookbook that is aimed at drawing in the parents to develop some interaction , cooking awareness and simple techniques , and I aim to put some fun into the learning process at the same time through demonstrations at the school and a few small groups/classes  of training .
The school is in need of a few sponsers to help cover the cost of printing the book, so if you are able to assist, please do not hesitate to drop me a line.

Many thanks
Now on Twitter - 12/02/10
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