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The Historic Food Range:

Has won 5 Gold "Innovation Awards" ,"Superior Taste awards" and "Winner of Winner" awards to date, on the International  stage.

My  historic food range has been recreated from centuries past. Explore these sumptuous reproductions of the flavours and ingredients that once adorned tables of the mighty Roman Emperors, Medieval Knights and Ancient Greek temples.

Prepared using traditional and natural production methods, acidulated over oak barrels and using only the finest quality natural ingredients, these 3 unique products are stored in bottles created and designed by Alan himself creating a tactile sexy bottle that looks good in any kitchen or home.His aim is to bring a "Taste of the past to kitchens of the future "  to offer a true sense of history to our modern dining tables and to feed the mind as well as the palett.

 Each period product holds unique combinations of flavours that will enhance modern cooking and make for interesting discussion in the kitchen at the dinner table or around the barbeque.

What the professionals say..............

Ale-Gar ( http://www.alegar.co.uk/) was recently featured and discussed on
BBC RADIO 4 ! described as the "biggest product to be launched since Balsamic Vinegar".  

Delia Smith on line ...
chef Alan Coxon's Historic Food. Highly unusual and authentic, the range draws on recipes used in Ancient Rome  and Greece. I particularly liked the Luxury Marinated Onions and  Golden Baby Beetroot, both pickled in Roman Vinaigre, which is sweeter  and milder than what we're used to so didn't overpower the veg;  perfect with cheeses and meats. And Alan's Ale-Gar is a wonderful  alternative to balsamic vinegar. Visit alancoxon.com for details.

Jamie Oliver on line .......

"Alan Coxon's Historic Food Range Molecular gastronomy may be the epitome of current haute-cuisine, but after watching Heston Blumenthal's recent Victorian Feast series I was seriously envious of the way they ate back then.Chef Alan Coxon clearly shares this view.His range of award winning Vinegars are sumptuous reproductions of the flavours and ingredients that once adorned tables of the mighty Roman Emperors, Medieval Knights and Ancient Greek temples!  Furthermore, he has incorporated these ancient vinegars into the creation of his new luxury pickles and chutneys.  With items in the range including Historic Roman Golden Beetroots in Roman Vinaigre and Baby Ruby Beetroots in Ancient Greek Vinegar, the food of our ancestors is but a mouse click away".

Reto Mathis - President of the World Gourmet Club - St Moritz President of the Swiss Gourmet Festival & President of the Champagne Club

"These products are so sensational, I will definitely use them in my kitchen. Some of the best products I have come across in a long time." Peter Devlin – Sous Chef - Ritz Hotel - Paris "The Ale-Gar (AleGar) is my favourite, rich in texture and taste, smooth and balanced in aroma, very Balsamico in style. I use it with freshly cooked lobster, still warm, it’s great. Also, reduce it to a syrup and pour over a couple of drops on to vanilla ice cream or over a piece of Parmigiano cheese – congratulations!"

Gino De Campo - TV Celebrity Chef - Ready Steady Cook and "celebrity Get me out of here" !
Oh my God, they are magnificent! Great acidity, balance and sweetness, plus the bottle is so beautiful!" 

Irma Dutsch Michelin star chef - Switzerland
"Its absolutely beautiful I want to have it in Switzerland"

Franck Quinton Michelin star Chef/ Proprietor - Le Manoir de Lys Normandy
"These products are delicious, I will use them in the kitchen and would like to sell them in my Boutique deli."

Gennaro Contaldo - mentor to Jamie Oliver and presenter of the BBC 2 TV Series "The two greedy Italians". 

"I think that Alan Coxon's historic range tastes sublime. The quality and flavour of the "Ale-Gar" /AleGar is outstanding, I use it in my Guinnea Fowl dish instead of Balsamic now. The Roman is great in my salads as a dressing and the Greek,I use in Marinades. Alan is truly a great chef, now he has some great products that I will continue to use."

Peter Devlin
,  “ Ritz Hotel, Paris France “
These products are sensational, I will use them in my kitchen, they are some of the best products I have come across for a long time. I have been using the complete range in my cookery demonstrations because they are great products .

Daniel Ayton : Chefs comments:
Greek Vinaigre_ subtle tones of hard dry herbs bay, thyme and lime leaf. it has a light blush colour ,the flavours blend perfectly with fish without over powering with just enough acidity to work with oily fish. Mackerel would be the more traditional and the Vinaigre will enhance the flavours of the fish but salmon has lighter flavours to enjoy the Vinaigre taste. 

*_Roman Vinaigre_* a golden Vinaigre with undertones of aromatic spices such as sweet black cardamom and anis or tarragon, then a secondary dry honey flavour comes though like lavender fed honey.
 These flavours are light so to use them as a marinade for meat will be perfect however a light flavoured meat pork will work very well, however for the traditionalists veal is equally good.

Ale-gar_(alegar) a dark sweet vinegar with a strong malt taste, the acid at 5% is comparable to a young balsamic that averages at 6%, when the vinegar reduces it becomes a delightful sticky syrup that napes food nicely, giving a sweet singed cinnamon toffee apple taste.
Used as a marinade for meat before roasting gives a nice dark colour with the taste and the slight acidity removes the fat leaving a nice crisp skin on duck and goose. 
The flavours that come from Alan Coxons vinaigars and Alegar, are second to none and also an inspiration to delve in to the historical recipes and re-create some of those dishes in a modern way. 


As a thank you and support to all those that have purchased my products, please find below the door to over 100 free recipes and usage ideas .

To access the recipes please note the password located on the label is attached to each bottle of Alan`s Historic Vinaigre.You will need that password to access the recipes in this word document.

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Ancient Greek Vinaigre Light ,floral, with  sweet and sour undertones
This will give you a kiss and kick at the same time !
 try using it in place of rice wine vinegar, in oriental foods, stir fries, as a salad dressing ,dip or marinade

Ale-Gar (Alegar): Dark deep rich
, with a flavour like nothing else in the global market place !
Use as in place of a Balsamic vinegar or instead of Worcester sauce , or even as a healthy replacement to a  japanese soy sauce.

Ale-Gar/Alegar is an all round seasoning ,try it on an Oyster, as a marinade for Salmon, a splash on Cheese on toast, a splash added to a Bolognaise sauce, a marinade for a beef steak, added to a casserole, perfect with game .... the usage and diversity is endless , giving perfect ressults , and flavour with a point of difference !
Roman Vinaigre :
Rounded, Balenced , structured, this vinaigre is perfect for salad dressings, mayonnaise, marinades, Butter based sauces, and egg based sauces A great alternative to any white wine or herb infused vinegars . 

These three products have now won 5 Gold International awards for Innovative product and Superior Quality Taste.

Here’s Alan to talk you through the range to help you get the best out of each distinctive variety. Just click an image for more details.