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Journey back in time for a taste of the future

Welcome to Alan Coxon’s range of historic Vinaigres, recreated from centuries past. Explore these sumptuous reproductions of the flavours and ingredients that once adorned tables of the mighty Roman Emperors, Medieval Knights and Ancient Greek temples.

Prepared using traditional and natural production methods, acidulated over oak wine barrels and using only the finest quality natural ingredients, these unique products are stored in bottles created and designed by Alan himself. His aim is to bring the old along side the new and to offer a true sense of history to our modern dining tables.

Offering a taste of the past for kitchens of the future! Each period product holds unique combinations of flavours that will enhance modern cooking and make for interesting discussion in the kitchen at the dinner table or around the barbeque.

Watch out for Alan Coxon’s Historic Spice Range coming soon!

What the professionals say

"Alan Coxon's historic food range, in my professional opinion, is one of the most exciting ranges of
products to be developed on the food scene. I am also excited about using the products in my own
patisserie products and ranges including my opera cake, fantastic!"

Bill McCarrick – Chocolatier/owner Sir Hans Sloan Chocolates and former Executive pastry
chef, Harrods London

"These products are so sensational, I will definitely use them in my kitchen. Some of the best products I
have come across in a long time."

Peter Devlin – Sous Chef - Ritz Hotel - Paris

"The Ale-Gar is my favourite, rich in texture and taste, smooth and balanced in aroma, very Balsamico in
style. I use it with freshly cooked lobster, still warm, it’s great. Also, reduce it to a syrup and pour over a
couple of drops on to vanilla ice cream or over a piece of Parmigiano cheese – congratulations!"

Reto Mathis - President of the World Gourmet Club - St Moritz President of the Swiss Gourmet
Festival & President of the Champagne Club

"Oh my God, they are magnificent! Great acidity, balance and sweetness, plus the bottle is so

Gino De Campo - TV Celebrity Chef - Ready Steady Cook

"Its absolutely beautiful I want to have it in Switzerland"
Irma Dutsch Michelin star chef - Switzerland

"These products are delicious, I will use them in the kitchen and would like to sell them in my Boutique
Franck Quinton Michelin star Chef/ Proprietor - Le Manoir de Lys Normandy

Special Recipes

To access Alan's exclusive recipes please note the password located on the label attached to each bottle of his Historic Vinaigre.You will need that password to access the special recipes in this word document.


Ancient Greek Vinaigre to be used instead of rice wine vinegar

Ale-Gar vinegar to be used in place of Balsamic vinegar

Roman Vinaigre to be used as a salad dressing.   No oil required

Here’s Alan to talk you through the range to help you get the best out of each distinctive variety. Just click an image for more details.