Alan Coxon's Ancient Greek Range

Ancient Greek Vinaigre


The Ancient Greeks were historically respected far and wide as leaders in the culinary field.
The dominant flavours of Greek cuisine were honey, vinegar, fish sauce and a vast array of herbs and spices. Their secret was to balance the sweetness with the bitter, the sour and sometimes, the unusual. Having said that, they would only add three or four spices or herbs to a dish, as opposed to Roman recipes where as many as 10 strong flavourings were often incorporated.


My Ancient Geek Vinaigre has taken a route of balance and simplicity, while bringing out the individual flavours. The sweetness comes from the vine fruits, a slight bitterness from the coriander and a clean, fresh acidity from the wine. The aroma is light, fruity and fragrant befitting of a Greek goddess.


This vinaigre lends itself well to replace rice wine vinegar in oriental stir-fries, oriental soups, marinades, sweet and sour dishes, salad dressings and hot and cold sauces.



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