Alan Coxon's Ale-Gar Range

Mediaeval Ale - Gar

My unique brew used to produce Ale-Gar has been recreated using an original Mediaeval recipe.

The Ale-Gar ™, with its deep dark colour and hints of chocolate, is then hand decanted into personally designed, hand-blown bottles and brought to you, to enjoy the sensational taste.


In Mediaeval England, wine was limited to Royalty and nobility, whilst Ale was widely consumed by all ages of the general population at every meal - even breakfast. Natural souring of the ale took place, leaving a good supply of ale-gar, to use as a condiment and preservative as well as for medicinal purposes.


For my Ale-Gar, I have used a traditional mediaeval ale recipe, but have incorporated Chocolate Stout Malt, to tantalise today's more sophisticated and adventurous palate . The Ale-Gar is then fermented over oak to bring out the full flavour and smoothness and stored to ferment in the sunny climes of South Africa.


Ale-Gar's uses are many, ranging from dressings, beef marinades, reducing and drizzling, sauces and table condiments, adding to casseroles, and as an oil and Ale-Gar dunk.



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